10 Articles and Essays to Read on Labor Day

For longer than a century, we Americans have set aside Labor Day not just to rest from work, but to celebrate workers — especially the workers who often go under-appreciated. The reality is that many of us under-appreciate the workers around us and even our own work, too. Here are 10 articles and essays about work and labor to inspire and encourage you for the post-holiday return to work.

A Theology of Work from the Very Beginning

Help Wanted: The Church and the Trades

I Learned Whole-Life Theology From My Blue-Collar Family

I Stacked Salt for the Life of the World

I Love Work. Can I Still Love My Family?

Why Americans Go to Work

What We’re Talking About When We Talk About Calling

A Work-Life DTR?

Why You Shouldn’t Quit Your ‘Secular’ Job

Your Work Needs a Bigger Picture

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