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In the beginning, we were cultivators. Curators and makers, keepers of a divine mandate. A mandate that hasn’t ended.


Maybe the world wide web could be a place where the art industry is not depleted, but allowed to find new life.

Art in the Strange New Economy of Web 3.0
Aaron Cline Hanbury
cover of Seven Loaves of Bread by Ferida Wolff
Reading ‘Seven Loaves of Bread’
In the World of Bach, the Human and Divine Come into View
Notable Books: May 
The Bible Says Perfect Love Casts Out Fear. How?
There’s Something More to the Bread-Baking Revival
These Words Have Stirred the World
Tech Addiction, Distraction, and Our Love-less Moment 
Tim Keller Shows His Work
Notable Books for February 
Why Sports Matter
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