Issue 14.

Winter 2024

Your work — no matter the size, shape, or compensation — is about more than you think. But you don’t have to think about it alone.

Issue 14.

Winter 2024

Snowball or Avalanche? You Choose

Choose Less and Be Blessed

An illustration of a mirrored man, the reflection of which is dressed differently.

Bivocational Pastors Don’t Have Two Jobs

An ancient depiction of saints Paul and John

The New Atheists Paved the Way for Old Faith

Labor Gains

Start Your Year with Success in Mind

Math Isn’t Good for You. It’s Good for Us

Mock up images of four upcoming books

Books Reviewed and Recommended

Poetry as Hospitality

People Are Weird About Email

Two women sitting around a table, surrounding by locally purchased goods

How to Shop Local in a Real City

Your Job is More than a Mission Field

The New Year in Preview


Scrolling works but it doesn't compare to that real-life, ink-and-paper feel.

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