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from the editor

Read What You Want

What is a “beach read” anyway? The only thing I’m fairly sure of is that there is no beach necessary. After all, for plenty of you, a beach is more a misery than a vacation (and that seems a cruel way for us to suggest you spend your summer). If a beach read is whatever you want to read, then I think what we're really all wishing for is a moment to do just that.

When you find the time, I hope you read whatever you want. Find something reflective or fantastical. Read up on politics, theology, philosophy, or plants. Maybe dive into Dostoevsky, revisit a childhood favorite, or pick up something new. And if you’re not sure where to start, we hope this email might help.

For this edition of Common Good Monthly, we’re talking about the books we’re excited about, books we’re interested in, and reads we think are going to be worthwhile, all hitting the shelves this summer. It’s a bit of everything we think about around here — faith, work, culture, history, politics — and more. There’s a little fiction, too.

Our strongest recommendation? Take and read. — Sarah Haywood, managing editor