A Liturgy for Artists and Makers

May the favor of the lord  our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us — yes, establish the work of our hands. — Psalm 90:1


O Christ, through whom
all things were made
that have been made,

meet me in this lesser making.
Channel my creativity.
Guide my hands and heart.
Give me discipline to
steward well my craft.

Let me find a fertile place
to sink my roots within the
long tradition and continuing
conversation of your children
who, across thousands of years,
have sought

to display beauty,
to articulate truth,
to celebrate holy mystery,
and to somehow echo
eternal yearnings
in the things we create.

Let me, in the short span of my life,
contribute something more
to that good conversation.
And let me release my expectations
of the times and places and ways
in which it might be received.

Let me instead simply craft
the finest offering I am able—
within my given limits of time,
and skill, and circumstance—
and then offer it to you to
use it as you will.

Let that be enough for me, O Lord.



From ‘Every Moment Holy, Volume III: The Work of the People’. Used with permission.

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