Rabekah Henderson


Rabekah Henderson writes about the faith we hold, the homes we create, and the world we live in. She also serves as the director of communications and children’s ministry at a church plant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Learn more about her at rabekahwrites.com.

An aerial photo of a neighborhood church
The Potentially Tragic End of Neighborhood Churches
An image of a spread of the interior of Common Good magazine, depicting kids' stuff
Hey, Kids: Does God Care About the Stuff You Do All Day?
How This Poet Fought for Her Life. And Found Goodness
Can the Church Relieve Homelessness?
parents with children in a classroom
Public School Enrollment Is in Decline. But Don’t Give Up Just Yet
What You *Don’t* Know About Christmas Wreaths (But Should)
Why You Should (Re)visit Your Church Cemetery
God Made You, Yes. But Why?
Did Matisse Know God?
The Theological Angle of the Mid-Century Modern Craze
Jesus Dignifies Motherhood. Do We?
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