Can There Be a New Golden Age of Black Entrepreneurship?

For all that the Civil Rights movement accomplished, the reality is that economic activity within Black communities remains low — far lower than at the beginning of the last century. Kelly Burton wants to change that.
In 2009, after she earned a doctorate in political science from Emory University, Kelly Burton launched Nexus Research Group (NRG). The group provides consulting for clients in designing and implementing social-impact projects in predominantly urban, minority communities. It’s been successful, maintaining a book of work and a healthy track record. Then her second entrepreneurial venture didn’t

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"I feel that my purpose on this planet is to build on what has been done by those gone before. I stand on the shoulders of ancestors whose wealth was extracted, whose blood has been spilled, and whose dreams have been sacrificed. I believe I owe it to them to live into their resilient spirit and be the boldest innovator I can be."

This story is from Common Good issue 05.
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