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In the beginning, we were cultivators. Curators and makers, keepers of a divine mandate. A mandate that hasn’t ended.


Maybe the world wide web could be a place where the art industry is not depleted, but allowed to find new life.

Art in the Strange New Economy of Web 3.0
Aaron Cline Hanbury
It All Began, Begins, with Words
The Truth Is Timeless. And God Is Still There
A photograph of a billboard of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour
When Taylor Swift Writes a Psalm
Black History Month and the History of the Church
Dad watches an excited Bingo and Lila set up their new waterslide.
How ‘Bluey’ Made Me a Better Dad
Mock up images of four upcoming books
Books Reviewed and Recommended
Poetry as Hospitality
The New Year in Preview
10 Articles We Loved in 2023
A Christmas Shopping Guide
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