Issue 06

A Pastor Started a Farm

After performing 30 funerals for possibly preventable deaths during his first year in small-town North Carolina, pastor Richard Joyner set out to find a path toward healing for both congregants and the community. Decades later, here’s how a small Baptist congregation and its neighbors are reaping physical and social wellbeing.

Lady Wisdom, Entrepreneur

Wisdom is not on a throne or in a temple. When Proverbs closes in a 21-verse acrostic that sums up the book, Wisdom is found caring for family, leading a company, and, yes, trading in the marketplace.

The (Un)Tech Startup

While the data around children and technology is not wholly conclusive, statistics do point toward healthier lifestyles when technology use is structured and monitored, which is what START is striving to help parents and teachers discover.

Your Work Needs You to Just Stop

Earlier this year, Reagan-era statesman George Shultz died. And amid the celebrations and reflections on his life and work, one of his defining routines resurfaced, what one New York Times writer calls the “Shultz hour.”

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