How early should we — parents and pastors — start teaching our kids about faith, work, and economic wisdom integration principles? For that matter, how long should we parents and pastors teach these faith, work, and economic wisdom integration principles? The new devotional book, Kids Can! 28-Day Family Devotional: Upholding the Biblical Value of Work answers the first question and a new resource by Made to Flourish, Fertile Ground: Faith and Work Field Guide for Youth Pastors, answers the second question. In short, we should teach faith, work, and economic wisdom from “womb to tomb.” The devotional from the Theology of Work (TOW) project helps parents and pastors start preparing kids to lead flourishing lives as early as elementary school. It engages kids on their level to deliver biblical wisdom about work and economics. The entries are brief and can be completed in just five minutes before everyone runs off to work or to the bus stop. Kids Can! 28-Day Family Devotional uses Scripture, kid-friendly stories, and family activities to help kids relate the Bible to the issues they face at home, at school, and in the economic world. Each devotion is framed by a concern that real-life children might have about their work. Examples include: “I don’t want to work,” “The basics of money,” or “You can be an entrepreneur.” First kids learn about God’s intention for work. Then a week of stories about home life teach the importance of chores and working together as a family. In the middle of the book, kids troubleshoot issues with school and friendships. And the last quarter of the book focuses on work in the economic world, addressing important questions about work ethic and how children can jump into entrepreneurship.