Plain Facts

Ivy leagues. Big money bribes. And Lori Loughlin? If you’re behind on the college admissions scandal, we got you:

Universities such as Yale and Stanford, along with some celebrity parents, are implicated in the $25 million bribery scandal.

Parents explicitly tried to place children in high-profile colleges in exchange for money, using consultant William Singer as a conduit.

In March, the federal government indicted Singer and 33 parents for bribery and racketeering.

Singer pleaded guilty in court, March 12. The next day, one of the parents, actress Lori Loughlin, turned herself in.

The ongoing college admissions scandal requires our thoughtful discussion. These scandals rattle the foundations of the avowed and trusted “American dream.” From the time our children are quite young, we parents — across all income quintiles — dream of college as the means to the end of success. This scandal evokes distrust in the college system itself and smacks of inequality (another top

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