“Followers of Jesus ought to know that their vocation is to be working at all of these, anticipating the time when God is going to put things right.” N.T. Wright
This new book, by bishop and New Testament theologian N.T. Wright, is not about work. Not in the typical sense. Rather, it’s a book about everything, about the way God intends the world to be, and about how we all experience something short of that. Wright’s idea is that specific threads run through all lives in all cultures and times — signposts, though broken in current form, pointing to the world’s proper order. These braid through every aspect of life, including work, and give form to callings and tasks. Wright talked with Common Good in mid-September. In the conclusion of Broken Signposts, you write about the signposts framing vocations. Can you expound on that?  When we look at these seven signposts — justice, love, spirituality, beauty, freedom, truth, power — most hu

The rest is in the pages of Common Good.

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