The Work of Art in a Year of Tumult

Art has the ability to increase our empathy while reimagining the world around us. The artists on these pages are doing just that. Their work testifies of a good that is ubiquitous yet intimate. I was honored when Common Good asked me to curate some work that speaks to the climate of our culture. Allow these works to speak to you for our good.

Kevin King

Movement is Black life, from Alvin Alley to TikTok influencers. To move is growth and progress. To move is to prove you’re alive in midst of all that tries to kill you. I employ you to move.

Figures of Black men and women with arms extended in a swooping motion.
“Revelations” painting for a private collection 2021
Painted portrait of a Black women facing left.
“Queen Nina” painting 2021
Tiayrra Bradley

Many things may block your shine but it can never obstruct your essence, your beauty. We thrive in the shadows. They tell a story of honesty.

Photograph of a Black woman with hair fanned out against a purple background
From “Shades of Us” photography 2021
Photograph of a young Black woman with a flowers in her hair, against a green background
From “Shades of Us” photography 2021
Debõrah Hughes 

This multimedia piece tells the story of great matriarchs fashioned with hospitality and fertility. Royalty and groundedness speaks loud in this inter-disciplinary form of art.

Multimedia environmental art display featuring drapes and chairs and carpets
“Rosetta Annie Mae” multimedia 2020
Temi Cocker

Temi has mastered the digital portrait. He captures the abstract complexity of our day and tethers it with a flamboyant technique to snatch our attention. Temi will soon be a cultural icon.

Illustration of a Black man with a high, embellished flat top hair style
“Poster 124” digital illustration 2021
This story is from Common Good issue 07.
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