There Must Be an Election Coming, Huh?

If book publishing is any indication, *the* conversation in 2024 among Christians appears to be political engagement and duty.

If the last seven years have taught us anything, it’s that Christians in America have, shall we say, differing approaches to political engagement. For some — many? — the most meaningful or fruitful way to engage remains something of a mystery. A “felt need,” as they’d say in the publishing industry. 

To meet that need, ostensibly, we’re seeing a wave of books, from both Christian and academic presses, hit shelves in the first part of 2024. Unsurprisingly,  these titles promise to range in perspective and prescription, as much as they do in form and tone. Here are the forthcoming faith-and-politics books that caught our attention.

The Spirit of Our Politics: Spiritual Formation and the Renovation of Public Life

By Michael Wear
(Zondervan) Out January 23



Cultural Sanctification: Engaging the World like the Early Church

By Stephen O. Presley
(Eerdmans) Out March 26


The After Party: Toward Better Christian Politics

By Curtis Chang and Nancy French
(Zondervan) Out April 23


Mortal Goods: Reimagining Christian Political Duty

By Ephraim Radner
(Baker Academic) Out March 19


Jesus and the Powers: Christian Political Witness in an Age of Totalitarian Terror and Dysfunctional Democracies

By N. T. Wright and Michael F. Bird
(Zondervan) Out March 26

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