To Have and to Hold, to Love and to Care — for Each Other and the World

Ultimately, neither laws written by human hands nor individuals who disagree with orthodox, biblical standards can thwart God’s purposes. His kingdom will come, and his will shall be done. As we await his return, the question before all of us is this: What part are we going to play?

The first couple undoubtedly had the least conflictual first year of marriage on record. There were no parents to forgive or childhood wounds to process. The absence of sin meant they carried no shame. We don’t know if they loved each other as we understand love today, but based on Adam’s exuberant response in Genesis 2, it does seem that they received each other as good gifts. Looking back o

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The love we grow and nurture within our marriages cannot be contained within the confines of our homes. We need to share it.

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This story is from Common Good issue 10.
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