Howard Dahl is the CEO of AGCO-Amity JV, LLC, which builds and distributes agricultural equipment.

When Howard Dahl first visited Russia in 1992 to explore a new market for his company’s farm equipment, it wasn’t because it promised to be the most profitable venture. In fact, he would not make a profit in Russia for more than a decade. For Dahl and his Christian convictions, he says, feeding people is a “noble task” — it’s the right thing to do. And while Dahl is a third-generation farming manufacturer with his own legacy of innovation, the key to his entrepreneurial success might be that he values integrity and his Christian witness more than the bottom line. “I believe strongly that if you do the right thing for your customers that truly add value to what they’re doing, doing right and doing well can go hand in hand,” said Dahl, CEO of Amity Technology, based in Far

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