Why Racial Reconciliation Can’t Happen

When Jesus confronts religious hypocrites in the Sermon on the Mount, he lays out a profound kingdom principle: His followers are the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Matt 5:13). But in our local communities, how much of our Christian discipleship is actually about being salt and light?
The coronavirus pandemic has pushed a lot of our congregations outside of their buildings and given people an opportunity to examine how much of their Christian commitment centers around coming together for corporate worship services on Sundays. They’ve had an opportunity to examine how just gathering fails to address a thousand other things about which the Scriptures should provoke disciples of

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"We rightly want the outworkings of God among us, but if we don’t want to repent and deal with the issues that have grieved and quenched God’s Spirit, causing him to withdraw his operative powers from the followers of Christ in our context, then we have no right to expect it."

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This story is from Common Good issue 04.
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