Issue 14

More Words with Tom Nelson

Does being a flourishing pastor mean a flourishing ministry? I think we need to understand that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong or unhealthy or unfaithful or unfruitful in a large context, nor is it in a small context. You can have health, success, fruitfulness — in many different contexts of size and visibility. The shepherding model […]

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Faithful Work

The idea is relatively simple: God is in the business of making all things new, and to a lesser degree so are you. Because, argue Chapman and Tafilowski, a full understanding of God’s work in the world reveals his plan for human work — especially how the two fit together.

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We Shall All Be Changed

Everyone dies, we know. Yet few are prepared for death when it comes for a loved one. That’s what happened to journalist and occasional Common Good contributor Whitney Pipkin when her mother received a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Grief both arrived and was yet coming, and Pipkin didn’t find the guidance to help her through.

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Love Your Neighbor

In Love Your Neighbor, Ralph Stayer isn’t subtle. He argues forcefully, if at times aggressively, that capitalism is the only economic model that “can end poverty, solve intractable crises, and increase human flourishing.” The book is more or less a sequel to Stayer’s bestseller, Flight of the Buffalo. Stayer is the founder and longtime CEO

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The Beginning Tells the End

All of her stories interact with themes of God, his works and man’s. Her essays, no matter the subject, dwell on theology. And in her new book, Marilynne Robinson the novelist and Robinson the theologian, though never separate, come together unsubtly. In Reading Genesis, Robinson engages the Bible’s literal and literarily foundational text. She writes

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